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Little Planet Returns

Made By: Bluehog

Welcome to the Little Planet Returns official page.

The first game of action class status that Bluehog has made.
Click here to download the original game
Click here to download the refurbished game
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Little Planet Returns story
Bet you didn't know
Overview of the Zones
History of Little Planet Returns
Terms of the game

Little Planet Returns picks up years after Sonic CD left off.
At the end of Sonic CD the Little Planet disappeared into another dimension.
Now Sonic has discovered the Little Planet. Unfortunately for our hero the notorious Dr. Eggman has also discovered it. Eggman sent Metal Sonic, Metal Sonic Large, Metal Sonic Black, and Silver Sonic to retrieve the Shinning Emeralds. Sonic Rushed to little planet and was informed by Knuckles the Echidna on the way about the Shinning Emeralds. Now it is a race for survival

Bet you didn't know this

Little Planet Returns had two more levels planned
Crystal Caverns Zone
Mine Maze Zone
Crystal Caverns Zone I wasn't able to find backgrounds for. I lost heart in the Mine Maze so I canceled it
The Little Planet you have played is the 2nd version of it. Shocking I know.
The 1st version was started before Sonic Adventure X-treme. I still had Games Factory 16 bit then. The amount of data per level blew out games factory. The original version was scraped.
Each boss takes eight hits

History of the Zones

Each zone of Little Planet Returns is unique for the most part

Shimmering Hill Zone

Originally to be called Shinning Hill this zone looks familiar somehow.
This zone's background is right from Sonic Advance's Neo Green Hill Zone. The foreground is brightened Green Hill foregrounds from Sonic the Hedgehog 1. The boss is from Sonic 3's first Act One Boss and acts a lot like it.

Retro Base Zone

Originally to be called Retrorocket Base Zone the rockets got left out. They were just to hard for the second zone. The background is from Sonic CD's Wackworkbench Bad Future. The Foreground is from Sonic CD's Wackyworkbench Good Future. The foregrounds and badniks however have had their colors reversed. This makes them look "Retro". The bouncy floors are copies right off of Sonic CD's Wackyworkbench Bouncy floors. The bars are from the same place. The boss design is one of my own but the graphics of the Boss's parts are backward color bosses form Sonic and Knuckles and Sonic 3

Stardust Speedway Zone, the Northern Edge

A very familiar level. The backgrounds and foregrounds are straight from Sonic CD's Stardust Speedway Good Future. The ground was just coated with a light blue color to resemble ice. The sliding Sonic does was a trick to make. Turbo Tubes dot the place and you just gotta love the way they make Sonic take off. The snow hiders your sight on purpose. The boss is from Sonic and Knuckles and is based both on it and my own ideas

Emerald Hunt Zone

The backgrounds and foregrounds of this level are straight for Sonic 3's Angel Island Zone. A neat fact about this level is that you can climb the trees. The boss is based on the last boss. Sonic came here is search of the Shinning Emeralds.

Journey to the Heart of Evil Zone

The backgrounds and foregrounds are from Sonic CD's Quartz-quadrent Bad Future. This level is very unique to Sonic games. This level moves at a constant rate no matter how fast or slow Sonic goes. Even more this level has the parrelex effect. Beware of the ever approaching left side.

Heart of evil

The backgrounds and foregrounds are straight from Sonic CD's Metalic Madness Present. The setup of the level is my own design though. In Act 2 you shrink down into mini Sonic. Mini Sonic can slip through more crevises than regular Sonic but can't jump as high. The boss is from Sonic 2's Deathegg Zone first boss. The ring stealing balls this guy shoots are my own invention.

Final Challenge, the core of Little Planet

The final level. The backgrounds are from Sonic CD's Quartz-quadrent Good Future. The foregrounds are from Sonic and Knuckles Deathegg Zone. The boss is from Sonic R. The play of the boss, hard though it is, is my own little invention.

History of Little Planet Returns

Little Planet Returns has a nice history. A while ago I got Sonic CD for the PC. The game was so good I decided to make a sequel for it. I was working on no game at the moment having finished Sonic Rift. At this time I had the 16-bit version of Games Factory. A quarter of the way through making Level 1 Act 1 the game glitched due to 16-bit Games Factory's limited abilities. That version was scrapped.
However when Sonic Adventure X-treme was almost finished I made a discovery, Sonic CD could be used in a CD player. Tracks 18 and 19, Stardus Speedway Present and Good Future, just reached Little Planet Returns in my mind. I upgraded to 32-bit right after Sonic Adventure X-treme was finished. 32-bit was able to finish Little Planet Returns

Little Planet Returns CD-playing power was inspired by Sonic Robo-Blast 2's CD playing power, which I discovered by accident.

Terms of the Game

All the terms of Little Planet Returns

Sonic CD

Sonic CD is a game made by Sega. The Little Planet and Amy Rose are introduced here. Sonic is running around Little Planet going into the past and future

Little Planet

Sonic CD and Little Planet Returns take place on a little world that appears over Never Lake on Mobius every year. When it is not at Mobius it is in some other dimension. At the end of Little Planet Returns it was completely destroyed

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog is the star of the game. He is a blue hedgehog about three feet high. Sonic gets his name from the tremendous speed. Sonic is know for blasting through the sound barrier. Two of his tricks are present in this game.
The Homing Attack (activated by a double jump in LPR) is from Sonic Adventure 1 & 2. Sonic locks onto the nearest enemy and destroys it.
The lightspeed dash (activated by shift *default key, button two one gamepads/joysticks*) is from Sonic Adventure 1 & 2. Sonic gets close to a path of rings and then dashes through the rings at light speed


Dr. Eggman (Robotnik) is Sonic's nemesis. You never see him in this game but he is referred to. He robotizes (turns to robots) any one he can. It was by this that he killed Sonic's parents.

Metal Sonic, Metal Sonic Large, Metal Sonic Black, and Silver Sonic

The Metal Sonic's are Eggman's ultimate achievements. The look a lot like Sonic and have the same attacks. Eggman sends these guys to retrieve the shinning emeralds.

Shinning Emeralds

First of all and most important the Shinning Emeralds are inventions of my own.
The Shinning Emeralds are Sonic's and Eggman's goals in this game. They are said to be, when combined, almost as strong as the Master Emerald (From Sonic & Knuckles, most powerful emerald of them all). In the end of LPR they are destroyed in the explosion of Little Planet.

Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles, or knux, is seen only once in this game when he tells Sonic about the Shinning Emeralds. He can climb and glide. He gets his name from the sharp Spikes on his fists.


LPR has been refurbished to refine its gameplay, new features include
-Enhanced engine, the original engine was removed and replaced with the new V2 Static Engine-
-New Light Dash, the light dash has been upgraded to a true light dash-
-Rings will now bounce around once you loose them-
-Enhanced CD system, take control of the CD player and select which songs to play in each level-
-Completely Remade Final Boss, this foe takes on new abilities, defeat him if you can-
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