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About Us & Frequently Asked Questions

About the BGS About the games About the website About Submissions About Bluehog
About the BGS

What is the Bluehog Gaming Studio?
Bluehog Gaming Studio, called the BGS for short, is a website dedicated to fandom for Sonic the Hedgehog and related games, characters, and other merchandise.

Originally BGS was a site where its founder, Bluehog uploaded and showed off his fangames. Over time the site has become more driven towards the general fandom as a place to share their works, although it retains its name.

When was the BGS created?
The BGS was created in January 2004, as Bluehog's second website.

Why does it take so long for anything to be made/done around here? All the offical stuff for the BGS, from the website content to the games to other products and services are created by one person. That once person has a life, including friends, hobbies, and a job, so naturally stuff will take time.

What rules are there for the BGS?
All our rules are covered in our Terms of Service

Can I join the BGS Staff?
If you see a link labeled "Join the BGS Staff" under SITE STUFF in the menu then that means we have a position open and you are eligible to apply.
About the games

What are the BGS games programmed with?
The offical BGS games are programed with MultiMedia Fusion and The Games Factory.

What does it mean when it says I need cncs.dll, cncs32.dll, or cncs232.dll?
Those DLL files are system files required to run applications created with various software made by Clickteam.
-cncs.dll is required for 16-Bit The Games Factory games
-cncs32.dll is required for 32-Bit The Games Factory games
-cncs232.dll is required for Multimedia Fusion games.
The DLL installer in the menu will automatically take care of the three files at once.

What are the games default controls?
Games created by the BGS use four direction inputs and two buttons. (BUTTON 1 and BUTTON 2 respectively).
When using a keyboard the default controls usually are
UPUp ArrowE
DOWNDown ArrowX
LEFTLeft ArrowS
RIGHTRight ArrowD
BUTTON 1SpacebarZ
The controls may vary from game to game, please see the game's readme file for more information
All contols can be adjusted by press Control + Y or selecting controls in the menu

When using a gamepad/joystick the directions are the directions on the D-Pad/Joystick and Button 1 and Button 2 are buttons one and 2 on the gamepad/joystick.
BUTTON 1 is frequently called Jump and BUTTON 2 is frequently called ATTACK or ACTION

Menus may use the arrow keys, SPACE, ENTER, BACKSPACE, or SHIFT for additional control. Once again please see the game's readme file.

What games have been made on the BGS?
  • Sonic Chaos Trouble
  • Sonic Rift
  • Little Planet Returns
  • Sonic Battle III
  • Sonic Battle Hedgehog Style
  • Sonic Battle 2
  • Showdown
  • Sonic Battle
  • Knuckles Treasure Hunt
  • Tales of the Past
  • Super Mario Panic

May I post a BGS game(s) on my own website?
Generally yes you may. However you must ask us first. We are likely to agree but we reserve the right to reject any such request or withdraw such permissions at any time for any or no reason.
About the website

Where is BGS hosted?
BGS is currently hosted by Sonic World

What is the BGS programmed with?
BGS is programmed with HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript, and occasionally Flash.
It has bee made Notepad, Vim, and its own internal editor.

How Many Versions of BGS have their been?
  1. The original BGS on Sonic Planet
  2. The second BGS on Sonic Elite
  3. The BGS as it was when it first was transfered to d-padnetwork
  4. The BGS that merged with its forum
  5. The Flash BGS
  6. The First BGS when D-Pad Network launched (as seen through the classic skin)
  7. The BGS currently existing today.

Do I meed to become a member?
No you don't. Regular guests can still browse the site and download its content. However there are several benifits to becomming a member, such as
-Able to post comments and use the forum
-Be able to post details about yourself in a profile
-Submit online game scores (with games setup to do so)
-Submit content to the BGS
-Have a chance to help us BETA test features
-And more

How do I become a member?
In the top left corner of the website (top right on the classic layout) there is a Login/Register link. You go to that page and fill out the reistration form below the login form. You must include the required information and copmlete the CATCHPA challenge. After that you will get a validation e-mail sent to the submitted e-mail address. Follow the link in there to validate your account and that's it.

What does PM stand for?
Personal Message, its a type of on site e-mail for communication between our members. Our bots use it too for communication.

Why don't I use <insert name here> for the shoutbox or forum?
After literally YEARS of having problem after problem after restriction after restriction from using 3rd party forums and shoutboxes I decided to create my own. No restictions, no limiations, NO FEES.

When did the visitor counter start?
Despite the fact that the BGS has changed its Visitor counter it has transfer the number from one counter to the next. We started counting back on April 9th, 2004

Is there a way to view all the information on the BGS?
If you want to see all the infomration about the BGS such as member count and what not then yes, just go to our "Site Statistics page"

What are the bots I see from time to time? The bots on the BGS are automated systems on the BGS that perform various tasks. They help run the site more effectivly and help enforce the rules. Bots can be distinguished from regular members and guests in that they ALWAYS have italized names.
Out bots are
  • Administration Bot - The Admin bot does a huge amount of work the BGS. From managing flood control to banning spam bot guests to anything else needed of it.
  • Report Bot - Handles all Error 404 reports and manages submitted content reports. It forwards stuff to the staff as needed.
  • Submission Bot - Manages submited contents. It logs everything and formats stuff as needed. It can suspend a submission when it needs staff verification.
  • Comment Bot - Alerts members of any received comments on their submited content.
  • Query Bot - Responds to member queries in the shoutbox. Start a message with / and a word to talk to the query bot. Use /commands to see a list of commands you can use.
  • Beta Bot - Oversee's the Beta Testing program, alerts Beta Testers of content to test and the like.
  • Point Bot - Distributes and handles EXP and Rings. Also collects rings for purchases.

About Submissions

What can I submit to the BGS?
At the moment you can submit characters, fan characters, and youtube videos to the BGS. We have plans to extend this in the future.

What qualifies a character to be in the offical character profiles?
For a character to be in the official profiles it must appear in the SEGA games, Sonic SATAM, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Underground, Sonic X, or the Archie comics. We are aware that there are more comics out there and if enough characters show up for that category then we will make it.

What information should be included in an official profile?
Name, Nicknames, Common name, age, species, where the character appears, profile

Can I submit fan content that I don't own?
Yes, but you MUST have permission from its owner AND its owner must contact us stating the permission.

What information should be included in a fan character profile?
Name, Nicknames, Common name, age, species, profile

When asked for the video URL what is it talking about?
When you browse pages the URL address is displayed in the address bar. Simply copy/paste the URL for the video from youtube into the form and the Submission Bot will handle the rest.

Does it matter if my video name does not match its youtube name?
No but its a good idea. It will be less confusing if the two names match.

Do I need to include a seconday name on my comic?
No, its optional. However its a good way to make chapter names and the like.

Should I include credits in my comic's description?
If you are using someone else's work, such as custom sprites, then YES. Note that having permission and giving credit are not the same thing.

What do I do if I disapprove of some submitted content?
If you disapprove of it for personal reasons, such as you don't find it to your tastes, then just go look at something else. Here at BGS we respect that people have their own views and opions and that these may conflict with those views and opions of others.
If however the content is in violation of our Terms of Service then please kindly bring it to our attention.
About Bluehog

Who is Bluehog anyways?
I am a webprogrammer, 3D model/animator, gamer, outdoorsman, and quite literally dozens of other things. I took the name Bluehog on May 10, 2002 as an online handle.

Why Bluehog? How did you come up with the name/character?"
Back in 2002 when I started making games I realized that I needed an online nickname and alias. And preferably a visual so I could have a visual representation. But drawn art has never been a strength so I simply turned a Sonic sprite completly blue and after running through several names ideas settled on Bluehog. Back then performing a Google search for "Bluehog Sonic" only had a handful of results, and none of those being a name. Over time the avatar changed from a blue silloute to what you see today, eventually becoming a 3D model. The character slowly developed over time to what it is today.

Why make the BGS?
The BGS was created as a way to show of Bluehog's creations. It also serves as a focus for expanding his web design skills. Over time it has expanded to far more then the original plan.

What programs do I use?
Here's a short list of some of the programs I use: The Games Facotry, Multimedia Fusion, Vim, Notepad, Blender, Firefox, Macromedia Flash 8, Microsoft Visual Studio, Adobe Photshop, Adobe Imageready, Micrographix Simply 3D 2, Micrographix Picture Publisher 7, and more.

Do you have your own FAQs? I have two other FAQs, one on deviantART and one on Youtube
If you would like to add to these questions send a PM to Bluehog
Sonic World
DigiTails's Art StudioKurokari's Webhome


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