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Character Rating Test

Original and Fan characters come in a wide variety of shapes and powers. But how do they stack up against each other.

Answer all the questions below accurately about any particular character to see how they rate on the charts. The higher the number the more higher profile/abilities the character has.

During this test Magic refers to any supernatural force. Magic in the traditional sence, strange and mysterious powers, and any other energy not seen on earth.
Answer questions based on the character without an outside soure modify or any other non-permanent effect. Permanent effects include spells that don't wear off, mechanical implants, or other means that cannot be easily removed.
If multiple answers fit choose the one with the more extreme answer.

1) What type of character is it? (For shape-shifters answer based on biggest, most powerful form)
Human or Human-like Appearance(Ears, tails, other such small modifiers)
-Posses Wings (Only check if Can fly)
-Posses Claws
-Posses Prehensile Tail
-Posses Extra Limbs (More than tail, two arms, two legs. Wings count.)
Basic Animal (Birds, Felines, Canines, Reptiles, etc. Same as their normal world counterparts or would be counterparts if original species.)
-Posses Wings
-Can Talk
Basic Fantasy Critter (Regular Anthro characters, vampires, werewolves etc. Creatures that can shift to another form of roughly same size and weight. Humanoid in shape usually. Basic Mechanical creatures go here.)<Sonic Fan Characters normally go here>
Moderate Fantasy Critter (Heavy Anthro characters, small/medium dragons, centaurs, phoenixes, etc. Shifters that can change to a form of significant difference in size/multiple forms. Generally have some racial abilities. No heavier then 800lbs (383Kg) and no larger then a big horse.)
Heavy Fantasy Critter (Big Dragons, Titans, Super Large, heavy, or powerful races. Shifters with limitless possibilities.)
Non-Corpral (Gaseous, Gods, Devils, Supernatural that have no true form.)

2) What is your character's mortality? (Without outside assistance including non-permanent spells)
Dies from the most minor injuries.
A Fatal Blow is a Fatal Blow and will kill.
Can take more damage than a human and live.
Can die, but has to be damaged in a certain area. (Such as having the heart stabbed)
Cannot die normally but can be easily killed by specific means (Ex: Werewolf and silver)
Cannot die normally but can killed by specific hard means (Ex: Kill a dragon with a dragon slayer)
Immortal and can never die, or can revive from death on own after being killed

3) How well durable is your character? (Does not include non-permanent spells or armor/shields that are not part of the actual character)
Sitting Duck. Can't even move if attacked.
Can run away from attackers but can't take a hit.
Can take several light blows before falling.
Can take several average blows before falling (Check for average human)
Can take several great blows before falling.
Can still stand after severe punishment
Invulnerable to damage

4) What physical strength does your character possess? (Does not include non-permanent spells and removable enhancements)
Barely can or unable to move themselves. OR character is unable to physically interact with environment.
Can pick up and drop small rocks
Can lift 1/4 their body weight
Can lift 1/2 their body weight
Can lift 3/4 their body weight
Can lift their body weight
Can lift twice their body weight
Can lift five times their body weight
Can lift ten times their body weight
Can lift fifty times their body weight
Can lift a hundred times their body weight
Unlimited (Look at me, I can lift a planet)

5) What magical abilities does your character possess?
Magic Vulnerability/Allergy (Character is injured by magic itself, before the spell even does its work. Using or being near magic by be fatal)
No magic skills.
Low level magic (Stopping bleeding, Light a light bulb, light a campfire, create breezes, etc.)
Mid level magic (Closing Wounds, power an electric car, cast a fireball, create wind, etc.)
High level magic (Cure diseases, power a city block, blow up a building, create gales, etc.)
Extreme level magic (Reform lost limbs, lightning in the sky, raining fire, create storms, etc.)
Armageddon level magic (Raise the dead, Transform stuff into lightning, Meteor sized fireballs, create hurricanes, etc.)
Unrestricted Magic
Can manipulate the forces of nature like a deity

6) How many forms can your character take? (shape-shifters)
Single Form Humanoid or Simple Animal
Single Form Fantasy Critter (Answered any level of Fantasy Critter in question 1)
Fixed two forms (Example: Werewolf)
Fixed 3+ Forms (Has many forms but only those forms. Enter number of forms.)
Restricted Shape-shifter (Has many or unlimited forms, but can only change into certain things like cats, dogs, objects, etc.)
Generic Shifter (Can transform into anything but only has a fixed number of forms)
Unlimited Shifter (Has unlimited forms and can transform into anything of nearly the same size/mass)
Unrestricted Shifter (Has unlimited forms and can transform into anything regardless of size or mass)
-Cannot shift at will.
-Has capacity to learn new forms
-Has capacity to retain new forms

7) What are the penalties for using magic? (Without the aid of outside sources. This includes shapeshifting by magic. Shifting to something of similar or lesser size is minor magic. Shifting to something of significantly greater size is major magic.)
Not a magic user or innate shifter. Requires outside sources for any magic.
Fatal for all magics.
Fatal for major. Severe for minor. (Severe: Heart failure, coma, convulsions)
Severe for major. Harsh for minor. (Harsh: Passing out, sickness, amnesia)
Harsh for major. Bad for minor. (Bad: Impaired senses, bleeding, vomiting)
Bad for major. Weak for minor. (Weak: Shaking, headache, dizzy, nausea)
Weak for major. Draining for minor. (Draining: Simple lack of energy)
Draining for major. None for minor.
No problems resulting from magic use.

8) How strong is your character mentally? (Remember that OLD characters have a lot of experience)(Any education can be traded for that level of experience)
Dumb as a rock. No real intelligence, just basic instinct.
Smart enough for basic speech and maybe some easy problem solving.
Can use basic tools. Has enough experience to get through life.
Basic intelligence. Child education.
Basic problem solving. Young teen education.
Moderate abilities. High school or equivalent education
Very smart. College or other higher education.
Clever. Can solve complex problems.
Brilliant. A rock and chewing gum will get you though anything.
Genius. Rocket scientist does not begin to cover how smart the character is.

9) What type of combat skill does your character possess?
No survival or combat skill. Can't run from bad situations.
Has survival instincts to run away.
Wimp, might get a hit or two in but can't really fight.
Has some training in combat. Training is incomplete though.
Has completed training. No practical experience.
Has fought in one or several small fights. (Small practical experience fighting)
Has been in major fights (Decent practical experience fighting)
Has fought in large scale battle or wars (Lots of practical experience fighting)
Will beat any foe, will be victorious, cannot loose.

10) What type of healing does your character possess? (Does not include non-permanent spells and outside sources)
Has no natural healing abilities. Requires outside help to heal.
Below average healing - Major wounds can never heal. Minors never fully heal.
Normal healing - Major wounds never fully heal. Minor wounds take time. (Normal humans go here)
Above average healing - Major wounds heal in time. Minor wounds take less time.
Heightened healing - Major wounds heal in days. Minor heal in minutes or less.
Extreme healing - Major wounds heal in hours.
Ultra healing - Major wounds heal in minutes.
Instant Healing - All wounds heal in seconds.
Character is immune to damage so they don't have to heal.
Character does not possess a body that can take damage.
-Arm Armor
-Leg Armor
-Body Armor (Includes bulletproof vests)
-Partial Helmet (Only protects part of the head. Includes faceguards)
-Full Helmet (Protects entire head)
-Ability Enhancing Garment/Suit
-Spurs and/or other spiked clothing
-Steel-Toed shoes
-Weighted Clothing
-Hand Protection (Padded gloves)
-Large number of pockets and/or large pockets.
-Large belt or chains
-Cloaks, capes, veils, etc

-Accessories- (Enter number of that item. If an item comes in a pair or a set, count each item separatly)
-Magic Enhancers (Increase users magical ability)
-Small Magical Trinkets (Magic is in the items. May be rings, pendants, etc)
-Large Magical Trinkets (Magic is in the items. May be gloves, items, etc.
-Stat Booster (Item increases any or multiple stats like strength, speed, stamina, etc)
-Stat Reducer (Item decreases stats)
--Cannot remove one or more on their own.
-Magic Reducer (Item reduces magical power)
--Cannot remove one or more on their own.
-Small Bag (Handbags, purses, etc))
-Medium Bag (Small backpacks, suitcase, etc)
-Large Bag (Large backpacks. Can hold large items)
-Infinity Bags (Can hold any number of items and/or items large then itself)
-Shield or Barrier (Can be carried and dropped easily. For worn shields see outfits above)
-Tattooes or other on body symbols (Only those that can effect magic, change stats, or have other effects)
--Cannot remove one or more on their own.
--Disappears after use.
-One time use items (Flares, firecrackers, etc. Does not include weapons)

-Natural weapons (Claws, Fangs, Quills, Talons, Horn, Beaks, etc)
-One Time Use Weapons (Grenades, Bombs, Etc)
-Small throwing/projectile weapons (Arrows, Throwing Knives, etc)
-Large throwing/projectile weapons (Throwing Spear, etc)
Guns are weapons that fire a projectile with minimum effort. Includes modern guns, future ray weapons, crossbows, etc
-Small Guns (Handgun, Pistol)
-Medium Guns (Riffles, shotguns, etc)
-Large Guns (Rocket Launchers, Bazookas, etc)
--At least one gun has unlimited ammo/energy/shots.
Force Weapons are manual weapons requiring physical force to use
-Small Force Weapon (Daggers, Sticks, etc)
-Medium Force Weapons (Swords, Clubs, whips, etc)
-Large Force Weapons (Giant Swords, Battering Ram, etc. Normally at least 1/4 the weight of the character)
Magic Weapons cast spells or fire magical energy for their wielder.
-Small Magic Weapons (Wands, gloves, etc)
-Large Magic Weapons (Staffs, posts, etc)
Spells are counted based on their potential effects
-Low Level Spells (Stopping bleeding, Light a light bulb, light a campfire, create breezes, etc.)
-Mid Level Spells (Closing Wounds, power an electric car, cast a fireball, create wind, etc.)
-High Level Spells (Cure diseases, power a city block, blow up a building, create gales, etc.)
-Extreme Level Spells (Reform lost limbs, lightning in the sky, raining fire, create storms, etc.)
-Armageddon Level Spells (Raise the dead, Transform stuff into lightning, Meteor sized fireballs, create hurricanes, etc.)
-Weak Summons (Small creatures/objects)
-Strong Summons (Large creatures/objects)
-Has Spell(s) that can revive the dead.
-Has flying spell.
-Can learn new spells with little or not training/practice.

-Tiny Personal Transport (Skates etc)
-Small Personal Transport (Skateboards, jetpacks, etc)
-Small Ground Transport (Motorcycle, ATV, etc. Can carry multiple people)
-Medium Ground Transport (Automobile)
-Large Ground Transport (Trucks, Buses, etc)
-Giant Ground Transport (Tanks, Armored Cars, etc)
-Small Air Transport (Helicopters, Small planes, etc)
-Medium Air Transport (Small Jet, medium planes, etc)
-Large Air Transport (Air Ships, Jumbo Jets, etc)
-Giant Air Transport (Flying Fortresses, Floating Bases, etc)
-Small Space Transport (Shuttles, etc)
-Large Space Transport (Space Ships, Space Stations, etc)
-Inter-dimensional/Time Transport (Can Travel Across Time or to other dimensions)
-Can summon vehicle(s) to their location at will.
-Transporter/Teleportation Spell.

-Worse then normal human night vision
-Normal Human night vision
-Better then normal human night vision
-Sub-Human Agility
-Normal Human Agility
-Super Human Agility
-Sub-Human Reflexes
-Normal Human Reflexes
-Super Human Reflexes
-ESP/Sixth Sense
-Telepathy (Mind reading and/or projecting thoughts)
--The above can be blocked
-Basic Telekinesis (Can move objects no more then 1/2 body weight with mind)
-Intermediate Telekinesis (Can move objects up to body weight with mind)
-Advanced Telekinesis (Can move objects heavier then body weight with mind.)
--Telekinesis does not decrease with range.
-Can Fly. (If flight is achieved through a non-obvious means such as telekinesis or magic be sure to check it off there too)
-Invisibility or similar
--Can stay invisible while moving
--Can stay invisible while attacking/performing other actions
-Unable to Speak
-Has a disability
--Disability does not hinder character
-Can control/manipulate time
-Does not know how to interact with people
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